Bangkok Orientation


Get your head around the city’s main hotel, shopping, culture and nightlife spots. Make the most out of your independent Bangkok holiday and get the most out of what this city has to offer.

Bangkok Entertainment


Naughty and nice nightlife hotspots including beer pubs, music saloons, international quality night clubs and several areas worth exploring for excellent dining options.

Bangkok Services


Enjoy world-class business services and stellar hospitality while browsing budget medical, dental and cosmetic services that draws over a million foreign travelers to Bangkok every year.

Bangkok Expat Niche Guides

Getting LASIK Eye Surgery in Bangkok

Health insurance doesn't cover LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) eye surgery in America, where the average cost is around $2,000 per eye. For people who [...]

Bar and Club Areas in Bangkok

Bangkok's nightlife is not as wild as it once was. Social order campaigns have resulted in crackdowns on drug use, nudity, and closing times. The [...]